Mission Hanua (mission house)

Kwato Island has a record of being the finest and most successful of Christian missions in the whole of Papua New Guinea and the Kwato Mission reached the heart of the whole nation during the colonial period.

We therefore feel honoured to be offered land from which to develop the vision God gave us which really is a continuation of the vision He gave to Charles William Abel and his co-workers in the early twentieth Century.

The land we have been given is called Isuhina and was the site of a hospital until the 1960’s. It is located on the Western side of the island and leased to us on the understanding of our joint involvement in assisting the existing Kwato Church ministry in overseeing the practical side of their work instead of making a payment. On this land we propose to build the mission house (Hanua) which will act as both a teaching centre and visiting ministry flat on the ground floor and we will occupy the top floor as our main residence.

We have recently had some concept plans generously drawn up by Tim Boyd of Michaelis Boyd these really show the dream behind the mission house, you can view these in full here.


Click image to open PDF with full design details


Building Funding

We would appreciate it if you would commit to support our work by donating to the construction of this building as early as possible so that funds will be available when we begin work, the final figure is still to be confirmed.

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