Funding for Training Dinghy

Our crew for the 13,450-mile voyage as readers know will be coming from PNG to England and apart from their helping me prepare the ship for this; I will be training them in all aspects of sailing and safety at sea.  Part of the training will involve using a sailing dinghy to familiarize use of sails.   This means that the crew will need to know the different points of sail or handling the wind coming from different directions and to make the best use of them. When the wind is strong, they will need to know how to shorten sail or reef, which reduces the amount of sail exposed to the stronger winds.  Using a dinghy for this enables all the crew to develop confidence with every function they will need to be familiar with on Living Water and give them some enjoyment on the way.   The dinghy we have selected for this and is well known for it, is the Hartley Boats ‘Wayfarer’ in which they will to learn to sail and develop confidence in small craft handling before upgrading to Living Water.  Once training is complete, the Wayfarer will be loaded into our container and shipped to PNG where it will be used for sail training for subsequent crews on Living Water as we work among the islands of the Milne Bay Province teaching in the villages.   Apart from missionary work, we will also be engaged in boat building training, which we have already been doing.   You can see this in our newsletters on our website.   To this end, we are looking to buy a Wayfarer dinghy as soon as practicable and which should cost about £4000.  

This is the first level of funding and for those of our supporters wishing to help in this, please use the ‘donate’ button on our website or email [email protected] and we will be happy to fill in any details.

The second level of funding is to pay for the crew covering airfares, courses, etc.  Our target here is £12000 which we will seek closer to the time.  

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