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Living Water will quite possibly be the first mission ship to depart the UK under sail bound for the South Seas, since the 19th Century and the barque John Williams.

She will certainly be the first with a Papuan crew!

The Crew

For the passage we will be joined by six Papuan crew, for whom it will be the experience of a lifetime.

The trip will teach them discipline and the application of self-control in their lives, Whilst building courage in them as they spend weeks on the open ocean and out of sight of land.

At the same time they will be applying themselves to the new skills they will have been taught in seamanship and in relating to other people without being able to simply walk away… Of course the Holy Spirit, will help us all work together within the boundaries of His Word, and of course the traditional disciplines of a life at sea.

They will return home as different men and women, having faced adversaries and challenges along the way, met people and seen sights they never imagined and succeeded in the uniting purpose of sailing a large vessel from Europe across two oceans to P.N.G.

These stories and experiences will then be recalled in village stories, song and testimonies for years to come.

In addition, we will have a pool of experienced mariners who will from time to time be able to help us in our ministry and engage in training of other villagers.

The Passage

The trip will begin in Falmouth, England and is expected to take a minimum of three months.
Of course nothing is set in stone at sea, so there are bound to be changes in course and ports but this is roughly the passage. We have to set our voyage timing to avoid the hurricane season in the Caribbean and the cyclone season in the Pacific.


Living Water Mission - route to PNG

You can follow our passage live via

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