How you can make a difference.

Financial Support

If God hasn’t called you to come and live among the creepy crawlies with us, then providing finance is one of the most powerful ways that you can be a part of what is happening in P.N.G.

We are currently seeking to raise ongoing support of £800 a month. This will cover living expenses for the LWM workers, as well as providing enough for the essentials such as fuel and transport costs. Over time we hope to form a small contingency for emergencies.

Based on II Chronicles 16:9a.   I know that the Lord is always looking into our hearts to see how ready and willing we are to participate in His calling.  We do need large amounts of finances, and my own personal resources are finite.  

However, we look to the Lord for this resource and because of this it is He who will move you towards any giving to this ministry and not our persuasiveness.  So although we provide a link here, please do this only as an acknowledgement that you are being led by the Lord to do so. 

In this way you can trust Him in faith that He will meet your need as well be that for any other of His promises like health, family, security or business. 

You can support us by clicking here to make a donation.

We need Bibles.  We infinitely prefer NKJV, Amplified or even KJV

Teaching materials, including whiteboards and pens; computer/printer/copier/laser cartridges. Printer paper.  Stationery, pencils/pens etc.

We need a strong 24v deck-operated windlass

Two Wayfarer dinghies for training the Papuans to sail

Joining LWM

Joining L.W.M.

If you are interested in joining us either on the field in P.N.G. or in the UK we would love to hear from you, please drop us a note here and we’ll get in touch to have a chat about it.

Current vacancies

Captain – Schooner Living Water

The candidate can see what this ministry entails.   Be far removed from home, be the holder of the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate with at least 10,000NM in command and not solely racing experience but mainly cruising or deliveries.  This captain will need to be excellent with children and young people, have a sporting inclination.   He will need to be able to teach dinghy sailing, navigation and RYA up to Dayskipper level. 

In addition, he will need to secure his own financial support.   Above all he will need to have a vibrant relationship with the Lord Jesus and be a real worshipper of God.  He will need to be apt to teach and preach the Word of God and be fully in agreement with our Statement of Faith. 

Of course, this post is open to a woman strong enough to do any job required of the crew, and I have seen not a few such women. 

Fund Raiser – Part Time: Based anywhere.

To complete a Business Plan, submit grant applications and approach companies for in kind donations, sponsorship opportunities and pursue other means of generating a sustainable income..

Base manager – Full Time: Based PNG.

To take day to day responsibility for the building of our new base on land donated to the charity, including bible school, housing and amphitheatre.
Must be a committed Christian, with can do attitude and ability to adapt to all circumstances.
Not suitable for someone who needs their hands holding. A passion for evangelism, teaching and outreach also useful!

Prayer Support

Our experience in ministry is that prayer seriously works, if you feel God is calling you to support us in this way, please click here to receive our prayer updates / newsletters.

“I remember a dramatic occasion in 1987 when I was in a prayer meeting for the Reinhardt Bonnke Eurofire Conference which was being led by Suzette Hattingh. While some 150 of us were praying in the spirit she had a word of knowledge about the condition of a woman who was at the meeting with her daughter, she was skin and bones and unable to walk. The Lord showed Suzette that we had to pray for this woman’s condition to be healed and forgiven which we did. Moments after our praying the daughter carried her mother to the main platform (we were in a different room) where Reinhardt prayed for her and she was instantly healed and stood up praising God. That is the kind of praying that works!” Guy Willson

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