All is well, but no comms

At 0045 GMT today I received an email from a ship close to Living Water relaying her position and the following message:

Our Iridium has fallen into the sea. We can not communicate with you anymore until we arrive at Papeete.

Ship’s position:10-59.5S/111-41.4W
Ship’s course:256
Ship’s Speed:4.8Kn.

Thanks to the captain of the the PSU Chile (pictured above) Master Zhang Shaojie for relaying this message.

At her current speed, my best estimate is that Living Water will arrive in Tahiti on the 21st or the 22nd April. However, she is a sailing boat and this is of course totally dependent on the wind. It could easily take her a few days longer.

The moment I receive any news it will be posted on our Facebook Page.

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