Arrived at Misima Island!

Living Water has arrived safely in PNG!
They are currently anchored in Misima Island and don’t have access to internet to share pics and a full update with us.
In the meantime I received this via satellite:

Hello Cameron,
We have a lot to share on the welcome and Colly is frustrated about her inability to access WiFi. Be assured that she will get through ASAP.
The harbour at Bwagoia is tiny and after a delightful run with the spinnaker we had a bit of a struggle turning to get LW’s head to wind until we used the anchor. Holding is good in a F6 onshore wind.
Thursday was the welcome celebrations and we are all deeply moved and excited by how everyone is keen for LW’s work to really start.
One Brother wrote us a beautiful and moving song and we had traditional welcoming dancers too.
Anyway we’ll get pics and the full story through to you when we can. Love Guy & Colly

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