Container damaged by white ants

Colly and Guy returned recently to PNG to begin organising things in the containers and getting ready for the next stage of the ministry.
Sadly a careless fork lift truck driver had damaged one of the containers allowing white ants to enter and ruin everything.
Guy is now back in the UK, completing things here and preparing Living Water for the trip to PNG.
Here is Colly’s report from the ground.

It’s been long hard week for myself and the others working so hard under the hot sun to save whatever we can , it took us two weeks to clean the two 20 ft containers which we used for storage. Sadly to say , while been away in UK for 3 years or so , the white ants got in and wrecked all our things, heart breaking to see everything been ruined and come to a total waste., the computers , sewing machines , the tools , clothes, paints , oils and vanish tins been rusty and leaked out , the chairs , and any wooden things been chewed away by the white ants. I must admit it’s not easy coming from the cold to the hot climate and working so hard in the container under the hot sun feels like I’m boiling alive in here while slowly adjusting. Thanks to my two helpers from Misima , big sister Clara and her two children Laza and Lynlyn , young man Mansela Pika + the others from the timber yard like Nata ‘ s wife and his children + the other lady who all helped by giving a hand in cleaning tidying and repacking. Thank you all from Guy and I for all the help and support in saving the remains. ATEWAU HOT KOMIU.

All this destruction came as a result of an accidental penetration of a forklift arm into the side of the container and remained unreported. White ants also attacked the other container via contaminated timber and we were not present to deal with it. The things inside the Really Useful Boxes were unharmed and we will have a big job in hand to make new handles for the carpentry tools and timber blocks. Hebrew 10:33-39 speaks volumes to us. We are not bowed down nor discouraged because the greater one is in us. The Lord will enable us to well recover from this position. So I give my big ateu owa bobotana to Clara, Mansela, Lin Lin and all helpers but most of all to my faithful Colly who has remained so strong thoughout this ordeal. The Bible teaches us to be overcomers and in Jesus, we will be exactly that. Thanks also to my lifelong friend Chris Abel for his support to Colly and by extension to me at this time.

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