February Update

Many of you know that I am now based on Living Water and working to prepare her for the voyage back to Papua New Guinea. This involves a number of things for which we need money to accomplish.
I have come to realise that slipping Living Water before the crew arrive from PNG is a highly desirable aim as it would avoid a preponderance of feet trampling in and out of the vessel in the vicinity of mud, crud, seawater and drying paint! We need to cut back the old red paintwork; re-prime; a new rubberised base paint and top coats of Oxford blue. Before we do this we need to weld a sea-water scoop for the water-maker (to be fitted later); add another 18” of rudder and support the base of the new rudder with a ‘sole’ piece. Then comes the restoration of the paintwork on the deck by preparation of the existing surface and then laying down an anti-slip epoxy paint and finally anti-fouling and fitting new zinc anodes. All this paintwork needs to be the most suitable when considering the tropical environment, we are operating in.

Our funding so far, in the main, has been by a small number of close supporters of the vision and ministry God has called us to. Naturally this has included myself and my mother until she went Home last October.

Further detailed study of our website will reveal the nature of our vision that the central work of ministry is teaching God’s Word with the intention of making a lasting effective relationship between God and the folk we are serving. Using Living Water as both a means of transporting ministry teams and also recreationally to teach through adventure training; following this to continue training by bringing our young people into serving poorer families in island villages and community projects such as the boatbuilding.

There is an urgency to be about the Father’s business right now because according to Bible chronology, which I fully accept, we have very limited time before the end of the age. Given the error of 4-6 years of the year of Jesus’ birth around the Roman census and the fact that Jesus was 33½ years of age at His crucifixion we must consider that the world always thinks of Christmas but that Christians think the resurrection is the most important date event as He defeated Satan and broke his power to retain his hold on mankind at the crucifixion and not at Christmas; by this He saved those who turn to believe in Him, the true millennium must therefore revolve around the latter date. Biblical chronology gives roughly 4,000 years to Jesus’ time and soon it will be 2,000 years since He rose from the dead. Given that God chose to create the heavens and the Earth in 6 days and rest on the 7th reveals the length of the leasehold of the planet Earth given to man, this key is given in 2 Peter 3:8. Nobody knows the day or the hour as the Lord told us but we will be able to discern the approximate time. On this basis it would seem that we have between 10 and 12 years before the major end-time events begin. So I hope you understand my sense of urgency, but do not despair, for we were born and are alive for this time.

I am hopeful of being ready to sail by Summer and to get across the Atlantic before the hurricane season. To do this I need urgent financial backing to get Living Water onto Sam Fulford’s slipway (see pic below, but the boat on the slip is not Living Water) at Clarence Boatyard. Given this work being done and the next level of bringing our 6 Papuan crew to England, there is no reason why this cannot be accomplished.

If you would like to support this financially or if you are local in the Solent area and would like to help practically then do contact me on guy@livingwatermission.org or if in England; 07842-930577.

Every blessing to you.

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