Current Projects

  • Funding for Training Dinghy Our crew for the 13,450-mile voyage as readers know will be coming from PNG to England and apart from their helping me prepare the ship for this; I will be training them in all aspects of sailing and safety at sea.  Part of the training will involve using a sailing dinghy […]

  • Mission Hanua (mission house) Kwato Island has a record of being the finest and most successful of Christian missions in the whole of Papua New Guinea and the Kwato Mission reached the heart of the whole nation during the colonial period. We therefore feel honoured to be offered land from which to develop the vision […]

  • The Schooner “Living Water” is in great condition overall and has been well maintained, however she does need a minor refit, mainly to update her safety gear and electronics. She also needs a lick of paint, a new tender and a water maker. After these works and purchases she will be in great condition for […]

  • Living Water will quite possibly be the first mission ship to depart the UK under sail bound for the South Seas, since the 19th Century and the barque John Williams. She will certainly be the first with a Papuan crew! The Crew For the passage we will be joined by six Papuan crew, for whom it will be […]

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