Mission Hanua (mission house)

Our mission base on Misima Island will be at Bwagoia, although we are presently working from Living Water at her anchorage.   Earlier we had planned to set up at Kwato Island but God wanted us clearly to move to Misima.   Interestingly the architects drawing given to me while I was at Rhema Bible Training Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa now needs only a small measure of changes and these have been offered to us by Lucky Manoka of Barakau Village in the Motu villages near Port Moresby.

The structure of the base will be to have a 50 seat auditorium and accommodation for three at ground level and upstairs will be a flat for Colly and I plus two spare rooms.   On the North end we will set up the workshop where I plan to build the 28’cutter for mission outreach by UCM.  Additionally we have the two Woodmizers to mill timber which we will utilise to reach poor communities on Sudest Island and at the same time divide the timber for the villagers there and our own needs.

Part of the maritime work of our mission is to generate marine skills in our students, because we are an island people albeit on the South East tip of Papua New Guinea but having a culture very much in common with other South Sea Island communities.

It is at this base that we will be training leaders to work among village communities and also to teach maritime skills and GMDSS VHF radio too.   Plus the carpentry/boatbuilding too.

Organising outreach work including eventually back into the Pacific as the Lord shows us.

We have recently had some concept plans generously drawn up by Tim Boyd of Michaelis Boyd these really show the dream behind the mission house.

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