Piracy attack – Praise God nobody was hurt

Our new workboat Kwadima was attacked by 20 pirates in two banana boats at about 03.30 last Wednesday at 9°57’3 S  150°45’5 E.  They fired shotguns three times at the wheelhouse only 20m away and missed.   Not one shot hit, it was calm and the engineer was convinced he was finished.   

The pirates boarded and stole the Bible translators personal effects, phones and wallets with cards.   They smashed one of the main cabin windows and when they fired one shot from astern the pellet went through the panel and lodged in the woodwork on the food locker.   

Nobody was hurt.   They did not harm the plotter, AIS or VHF radio but they pulled all the wires out of the back of the redundant SSB radio.   Kwadima continued on her way to Iamelele and unloaded the passengers and cargo.  

That said, Kwadima is earning us some money for which we praise God, at least something is coming in and soon we will begin a plan to build a house here in Alotau to service both the Kwadima and LWM needs.

Thanks for your continued support and prayers and praise God for his protection!

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