Well, that was fun!

We sailed of hoping to get to Madera from Falmouth. Plans don’t always work out.

As we were sailing out of the bay we decided, as usual, to put out the genoi. As we were letting her out the furling line on the roller furler snapped! Causing the genoa to come all the way out in force 8 winds and 4-meter swells. The first and second mate rushed out to fix it. They did well the first time but unfortunately, the line they used snapped again.
By that time the wind had dropped which allowed the genoi to be unharmed except for a small chaffed patch. Later on, in the night the foresail sheet snaped which was unexpected.

We decided to come into port de Plaisance Brest to fix the problems on the Living Water.

Throughout the week we have to work on these problems and we are very happy to say that we will be leaving on the 9th of December. It will be a two day sailing across the Bay Of Biscay then we will look at the weather to see if we carry on going or stop off in Spain.

God Bless you all.

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